[Coin-ipopt] Online-Optimization of the Tennessee Eastman Process using OCC and IPOPT

Tobias Jockenhoevel Tobias.Jockenhoevel at epost.de
Tue Oct 8 11:45:24 EDT 2002

Dear IPOPT and OptControlCentre Users,

recently, we submitted a paper to 'Computers and Chemical Engineering'
about the on-line optimization of the Tennessee Eastman Process using
the OptControlCentre and IPOPT.

You can download the paper preview at the OptControlCentre homepage
(www.optcontrolcentre.com) under


Tobias Jockenhoevel

Paper details:

Dynamic Optimization of the Tennessee Eastman Process using the

Tobias Jockenhövel, Lorenz T. Biegler and Andreas Wächter

This study focuses on the performance of large-scale nonlinear
programming (NLP) solvers for the dynamic optimization in real-time of
large processes. Here, the software platform OptControlCentre (OCC) is
presented for the implementation of the on-line real-time dynamic
optimization. OCC is an extensive software package with a graphical user
interface (GUI) implemented in the MATLAB/Simulink environment, which
allows its users to perform dynamic optimization of complex problems. To
demonstrate this approach, we consider the on-line real-time dynamic
optimization of the Tennessee Eastman (TE) Challenge Process. The
example captures the behavior of a typical industrial process and
consists of a two phase reactor, where an exothermic reaction occurs,
along with a flash, a stripper, a compressor and a mixer. The process is
nonlinear and open loop unstable; without control it reaches shutdown
limits within an hour, even for very small disturbances. The system is
represented through a first principles model with about 200 differential
algebraic equations (DAEs). The study compares two state-of-the-art NLP
solvers, SNOPT and IPOPT for dynamic optimization on a number of
challenging control scenarios. 

Online optimization, OptControlCentre, NLP solvers, real-time
optimization, RTO, NMPC

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