[Coin-announce] COIN-OR Annual Report 2017

William Hart whart222 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 05:10:50 EDT 2017

Hi, all:

I am collecting input for the 2017 COIN-OR Annual Report.  Please send
input to secretary at coin-or.org, including:

. COIN-OR news and highlights for 2017.

. Information you would like to share regarding your involvement in COIN-OR.

. User success stories for COIN-OR software.

The Annual Report provides a story to tell potential contributors,
corporate partners, code contributors and users. Please send any
information you'd like to share regarding your involvement in COIN-OR.
Shameless self-promotion is strongly encouraged, whether you're a user
of COIN-OR software or a developer of COIN-OR software.

We will also solicit and discuss COIN-OR highlights at the COIN-OR
Members meeting at the INFORMS Annual Meeting:  Monday, October 23rd
from 12:30-1:30 in Hilton Room 339.

Thanks, Bill

P.S.  You may also directly edit the draft Annual Report here:

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