[Coin-announce] CMPL v.1.8.0 released

Mike Steglich mike.steglich at th-wildau.de
Sat Jun 29 10:20:24 EDT 2013

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the release of CMPL 1.8.0 .

New features and change log
pyCMPL and CMPLServer	
		pyCMPL is the CMPL API  for Python and an interactive shell. 
		The main idea of this API is to define sets and parameters within the user
		application, to start and control the solving process and to read the solution(s) 
		into the application if the problem is feasible. All variables, objective 
		functions and constraints are defined in CMPL. 
		These functionalities can be used with a local CMPL installation or a CMPLServer.

		CMPLServer is an XML-RPC-based web service for distributed optimization.
		It is reasonable to solve large models remotely on the CMPLServer that is 
		installed on a high performance system. pyCMPL provides a client API for 
		CMPLServer. CMPL provides three XML-based file formats for the communication 
		between a CMPLServer and its clients. (CmplInstance, CmplSolutions, CmplMessages)

		pyCMPL and CMPLServer are an open source projects licensed under LGPLv3 and  
		available for most of the relevant operating systems (Windows, OS X and Linux)

New CMPL command line arguments
		-interRelaxation - All integer variables are changed to continuous variables
		-alias  - uses an alias name for the cmpl model
		-solution [filename] - optimization results in CmplSolutions XML format 

Changed CMPL command line argument
		-gn - turns matrix reductions on (default off) 

New display options 
		-ignoreVars - Ignores all variables in the solution reports
		-ignorevars - Ignores all constraints in the solution reports

MPrL XML format is changed into the CmplMessages XML format (CMPL does not longer support MPrL)
New solution XML format CmplSolutions 

Bug fixing
		A bug for readcsv() that only appeared under Windows is fixed.

The Binaries are available at www.coliop.org/download.html.

Source code
is obtained by checking out the source code using a subversion client.
	   svn co  https://projects.coin-or.org/svn/Cmpl/releases/1.8.0  CMPL

Mailing list and support
If you are interested to get a direct support, to post bugs or to communicate wishes then please use our CMPL mailing list hosted at COIN-OR http://list.coin-or.org/mailman/listinfo/Cmpl

For more information please visit www.coliop.org  and projects.coin-or.org/Cmpl.

EURO/INFORMS conference 2013
If you plan to attend the XXVI EURO - INFORMS Joint International Conference in Rom then I would like to invite you to a talk about pyCMPL and CMPLServer next Tuesday (02 July 2013, 12:30-14:00, TC-56 - 
Optimization Modeling II - Room B15-3). 


Mike Steglich
Cmpl mailing list
Cmpl at list.coin-or.org
Cmpl mailing list
Cmpl at list.coin-or.org

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