[Coin-announce] New in COIN-OR: Crème, a relaxation method for MaxFS

Pietro Belotti pbelott at clemson.edu
Mon Jan 28 12:13:39 EST 2013

Dear COIN-OR users,

I am pleased to announce a new project in COIN-OR: Crème (<C>OIN-OR 
<Re>laxation <Me>thod) is an implementation of a randomized thermal 
variant of the AMS (Agmon-Motzkin-Schoenberg) relaxation method. Crème 
aims at finding a solution of the Maximum Feasible Subsystem (MaxFS) 
problem: given an infeasible system of inequalities

Ax <= b,

the problem consists in finding a feasible subsystem of maximum 
cardinality. News and resources are available at


while download and installation instructions can be found at


Pietro Belotti (Crème project manager)

Pietro Belotti
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University
email: pbelott at clemson.edu
phone: 864-656-6765
web:   http://myweb.clemson.edu/~pbelott

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