[Coin-announce] CMPL v.1.6.0

Mike Steglich mike.steglich at th-wildau.de
Tue Jan 31 08:38:02 EST 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of CMPL 1.6.0. CMPL has been reorganized and partially new created. After this reorganization the performance is considerably increased.                     

New features:
1) CMPL header
A CMPL header is intended to define CMPL options and solver options for the specific CMPL model. The elements of the CMPL header are not part of the CMPL model. Since a CMPL header is processed before the CMPL model is interpreted, the defined options have an impact on the CMPL model.  Especially most of the CBC, GLPK and Gurobi solver parameters now supported by the CMPL header element %opt.

2) GLPK and Gurobi support
CMPL executes now GLPK and Gurobi (alternatively to the COIN-OR OSSolverService) directly to solve the generated model instance.

3) New CMPL function count()
This function returns the count of elements or 0 if the parameter or the variable does not exist. It replaces the deprecated dim() and def().

4) New command line arguments
-maxDecimals <x>              	- maximal number of decimals in the solution report (max 12)
-dontRemoveTmpFiles      	- Don't remove temporary files (mps,osil,osrl,gsol)
-matrix [<File>]                   	- Writes the generated matrix into a file or on stdout.
5) Coliop
The CMPL distribution contains now Coliop, which is an (simple) IDE for CMPL. Coliop is an open source software licensed under GPLv3. It is written in Java and is as an integral part of the CMPL distribution available for most of the relevant operating systems.

Mike Steglich and Thomas Schleiff


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