[Coin-announce] COIN-OR annual report

Paul A. Rubin rubin at msu.edu
Thu Aug 16 13:33:06 EDT 2012

Apologies (but not too many) for cross-posting this.

The 2012 annual report for COIN-OR is now under construction at 

  * Project managers: please (a) check to make sure you are receiving
    correct credit for your project(s) and (b) add any news you might
    have (new releases, new contributors, awards, bugs exterminated or
    at least temporarily suppressed, ...).
  * Committee chairs: If you have not already done so (big props to
    those who have), please verify/correct the roster of your committee
    and add a report.
  * We need something about this year's COIN Cup competition.
  * Please report any typos (they couldn't possibly be spelling errors)
    or other defects.

Anyone who has something to add but can't do it themselves, please send 
your copy to me at rubin at msu.edu <mailto:rubin at msu.edu>.

Paul Rubin

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