[Coin-announce] Extended deadline (July 31) for 2010 INFORMS Computing Society Prize

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Wed Jun 23 12:49:25 EDT 2010

*****             2010 INFORMS Computing Society Prize                 *****

*** EXTENDED DEADLINE for nominations: July 31, 2010

*** NOTE: Please be sure you have received confirmation for any
           nomination you made.

The INFORMS Computing Society (ICS) Prize is an annual award for the
best English language paper or group of related papers dealing with
the Operations Research/Computer Science interface. The award is
accompanied by a certificate and a $1,000 honorarium. The winner will
be invited to briefly present his or her paper in an ICS-sponsored
session at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Austin, and the award will be
presented at the ICS Business Meeting.

The goals of the prize are:

   * To promote the development of high-quality work advancing the
     state of the art in operations research/computer science
   * To publicize and reward the contributions of those
     authors/researchers who have advanced the state of the art; and
   * To increase the visibility of excellent work in the field.

Conditions for eligibility:

   * Published in the open literature;
   * Pertinent to the interface of operations research and computer science;
   * Written in English;

Please visit the prize's website for detailed information, including
the application process:

*** http://computing.society.informs.org/prize.php ***

INFORMS Computing Society:

The ICS exists to support research and practice activity on the
interface of operations research and computer science. The congenial
and active organization of over 500 members welcomes members and their
involvement in all aspects of the organization. See
http://computing.society.informs.org for more information.

2010 ICS Prize Committee

   * Karen Aardal (Technical University Delft)
   * Samuel Burer (University of Iowa)
   * Jeff Linderoth (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
   * Andreas Waechter, Chair (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

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