[Coin-announce] PFunc: A new library for task parallelism

prabhanjan kambadur pkambadu at indiana.edu
Mon Nov 2 10:12:57 EST 2009

I am happy to announce the release of PFunc, short for Parallel  
Functions, a lightweight and portable library that provides C and C++  
APIs to express task parallelism. The features offered by PFunc are a  
strict superset of the features offered by current solutions for task  
parallelism such as Cilk and Threading Building Blocks. Some of  
highlights of PFunc are:

- Custom Priorities for tasks.
- Custom Scheduling for tasks.
- Task Groups for collective communication.
- Nested Parallelism
- Generic
- Open Source

Being designed using generic programming principles, PFunc allows  
users to customize their run at compile-time without any performance  
penalties. PFunc has been released under the Eclipse Public License v  

For more information, please visit:



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