[Coin-announce] announcing ADOL-C an algorithmic differentiation tool for C and C++ codes

Andrea Walther andrea.walther at uni-paderborn.de
Wed May 20 07:29:05 EDT 2009

Dear COIN-OR users and developers,

I am pleased to announce that a tool for the automatic differentiation
of C and C++ codes is available at COIN-OR:

ADOL-C provides routines for the calculation of first and higher-order
derivatives that may be called from C, C++, Fortran, or any other
language that can be linked with C. The numerical values of derivative
vectors are obtained free of truncation errors at a small multiple of
the run time and random access memory required by the given function
evaluation program. Derivative matrices are obtained by columns, by rows
or in sparse format. For solution curves defined by ordinary
differential equations, special routines are provided that evaluate the
Taylor coefficient vectors and their Jacobians with respect to the
current state vector. For explicitly or implicitly defined functions
derivative tensors are obtained with a complexity that grows only
quadratically in their degree.

ADOL-C is relased under the Common Public License or the GNU Gerneral
Public License. It is written in C++.

More information on the development status of ADOL-C, downloading and
installation instructions, as well as a link to browse through
ADOL-C's source code, can be found on the COIN-OR project page:


A mailing list for discussion on ADOL-C is at


while a second mailing list for reporting bugs is at



Andrea Walther, Universität Paderborn (ADOL-C project manager)

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