[Coin-announce] announcing Couenne, a solver for MINLP problems

Pietro Belotti belotti at lehigh.edu
Fri Nov 7 10:26:03 EST 2008

Dear COIN-OR users and developers,

I am pleased to announce that a new solver for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear  
Programming (MINLP) problems is available in COIN-OR: Couenne (Convex  
Over and Under ENvelopes for Nonlinear Estimation) is a branch&bound  
algorithm for solving MINLPs. It implements a linearization method  
based on a reformulation of the problem, variants of the reliability  
branching for MINLP, and bound reduction techniques. Its purpose is to  
find global optima of MINLPs, both convex and nonconvex.

Couenne has been developed within a collaboration between Carnegie  
Mellon University and the IBM TJ Watson Research Center. The  
collaboration aims at developing new algorithms for solving general  
MINLP problems.

Couenne is released under the Common Public License. It was developed  
in C++ and uses other COIN-OR code, including Bonmin, Cbc, Cgl, Clp,  
Ipopt, and Osi.

Information on the development status of Couenne, downloading and  
installation instructions, as well as a link to browse through  
Couenne's source code, can be found on the COIN-OR project page:


A mailing list for discussion on Couenne is at


while a second mailing list for reporting bugs is at


The current version of Couenne reads AMPL problem files (.nl), but we  
are planning to include more formats for problem representation.

Happy MINLPing!
Pietro Belotti, Lehigh University (Couenne project manager)

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