[Coin-announce] Renaming mailing lists

Matthew Saltzman mjs at CLEMSON.EDU
Mon Feb 4 13:41:22 EST 2008

[Project managers: if you run an affected mailing list, please forward
this announcement to your list members.  Thanks.]

There are a number of COIN-OR mailing lists whose names don't conform to
our conventions for naming project lists.  We plan to rename these lists
next weekend.  The list archives and membership will become the archives
and membership of the new lists.  The old list addresses and Mailman Web
page URLs will continue to work, but they will no longer be listed on
the listinfo page.

The lists to be renamed and their new names are as follows:

coin-bcpdiscuss         bcp
coin-binary             coinbinary
coin-ipopt              ipopt
coin-lpsolver           clp
coin-osi-devel          osi
coin-rpx                rpx
coin-smi                smi
coin-symphony           symphony
cops                    chipps
cops-tickets            chipps-tickets

The changeover date is Sunday, February 10, 2008.  COIN-OR mail service
will be unavailable from 1pm until the move is complete (should be only
a couple of hours).  Mail to lists or other coin-or addresses will
simply queue and wait for the service, so we don't anticipate any lost

Thank you for your indulgence.

                Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Mathematical Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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