[Coin-announce] Volunteers Needed in connection with the INFORMS Pittsburgh meeting

Robin Lougee-Heimer robinlh at us.ibm.com
Thu Sep 14 09:45:17 EDT 2006

The Outreach Committee is looking for volunteers for the following 
one-time tasks.

     - Comment on a draft of the COIN-OR article for ORMS Today on Sept 

     - Run the "COIN-OR Cup" contest.  Winners to be announced at the 
Pittsburgh Meeting, Nov 5th-8th.

     - Create a webpage for Pgh meeting for 

     - Create a flyer for for the COIN-OR booth by Nov 5th

     - Assist with ordering the booth equipment (due Oct 1) 

     - Assist with the booth setup in Pittsburgh on Nov 5th

    - Assist with creation and procurement of  booth signage due Nov 5th

    - Assist with the decision and possibly ordering of  booth give-aways 
due Nov 5th

    - Run the booth for an hour (or more) at the INFORMS Pittsburgh 
Meeting, Nov 5th-8th

Can you lend a hand? 

Contact Robin Lougee-Heimer at robinlh at us.ibm.com, 914-945-3032.

Robin Lougee-Heimer
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
1101 Kitchawan Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
ph: 914-945-3032   fax: 914-945-3434 
robinlh at us.ibm.com

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