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Katya Scheinberg katyas at us.ibm.com
Fri Jan 13 13:30:31 EST 2006

Dear Colleagues,

A new project has been added to COIN-OR: SVM-QP (Support Vector Machines Q
uadratic Programming solver) which  is a software package that solves
2-norm soft margin support vector machine classification problem (arising
in Machine Learning). The software incorporates interior point
and active set methods to solve the underlying QP problem. The current
version is in Fortran 77. A C++ version will be available in the near
Generally the software can be applied (addapted) to any convex QP which has
form similar to that arising in the SVM classification.

Please check out the project page http://projects.coin-or.org/SVM-QP and
contact the Project Manager if you have further questions.

Katya Scheinberg
SVM-QP project manager

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