[Coin-announce] swIMP - Java wrapper for OSI solvers (new open source project)

Thomas Schickinger thomasschickinger at web.de
Sun Jul 17 10:55:10 EDT 2005


    swIMP - SWIG-based interfaces for Mathematical Programming

swIMP is an Open Source project (under the LGPL) hosted at Sourceforge. 
It provides a Java wrapper for OSI compatible solvers.

Project homepage: http://swimp.sourceforge.net

Feedback, comments and contributions are highly welcome.

More detailed description:

swIMP (SWIG-based Interfaces for Mathematical Programming) aims at 
making solvers written in C or C++ available under other languages. The 
current focus is on Java as target language and on LP/IP-solvers which 
are compatible to the Open Solver Interface (OSI) from the 
Coin-OR-project. This includes both Open Source solvers as well as 
reknown commercial solvers like CPLEX and Xpress (see Features).

The wrappers are implemented using the generator tool SWIG. SWIG 
generates both C++ code which is then compiled into a shared library and 
Java-code which accesses the shared library through the Java Native 
Interface (JNI). In principle, SWIG also supports other target languages 
like Python or Perl but this would require non-trivial modifications of 
the SWIG interface definitions currently provided by swIMP.

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