[Coin-announce] Announcing new release of IPOPT 2.2.0

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Thu Mar 11 18:46:32 EST 2004

A new release of IPOPT, the interior point code for nonlinear optimization
in COIN-OR, is now available.  It can be obtained via CVS (in the MAIN
branch) or in the latest IPOPT tarball (date >= Mar 11).

Details about IPOPT can be found at


Information about an IPOPT specific mailing list is at


Some highlights of the new release:

- Improved efficiency and robustness.

- A new restoration phase for the filter method has been implemented.
  As a consequence, the third-party program TRON is no longer required
  (for the default full-space option of IPOPT).  The new restoration phase
  is considerably more robust.

- An interface for C has been added.

- Dynamic memory allocation can be used so that a pre-estimate of the
  required work space is no longer required.

- The subroutines/functions for evaluating values and derivatives of the
  objective functions and constraints are now passed as function
  pointers, i.e. those routines do no longer have fixed names.  This also
  allows the compilation of IPOPT as a DLL.

- Much easier installation on Unix/Linux/Cygwin thanks to autoconf (a la
  `./configure' and `make install').

- Better support for Windows, both within Cygwin and for native compilers.
  Project files generated by Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 (Standard)
  with the Intel Fortran 8.0 compiler are included.

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