[Coin-announce] Osi interface for SoPlex

Tobias Pfender pfender at zib.de
Wed May 15 10:04:59 EDT 2002


A few weeks ago, we released a version 1.2.1 of SoPlex, and a few minutes ago, I
checked in the corresponding Osi interface.

At least on my Linux-PC with gnu compiler, SoPlex solves all the Netlib test
problems (for pilot4, the accuracy has to be reduced from 1e-8 to 1e-6, which I
did in the OsiSolverInterfaceTest.cpp).

SoPlex 1.2.1 can be downloaded from the web page

It is free for academic use.

Regards,  Tobi

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                           Informationstechnik Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 84185-301   Takustr. 7
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