[Coin-announce] COIN-OR meeting at 2001Miami INFORMS

Robin Lougee-Heimer robinlh at us.ibm.com
Wed Oct 31 15:26:53 EST 2001

For anyone in the Miami area next week during the 2001 INFORMS meeting,
please join us on Tuesday at 11:30AM for an informal meeting to discuss
COIN-OR related items. Below is a tentative agenda. Hope to see you in
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COIN-OR Meeting
2001 Miami INFORMS
Tuesday, 11/6
11:30 -12:30 PM

Meet at 11:30AM in the room where TB42 (Workshop: Open Source Tools for
Branch, Cut, and Price) is to be held.
(Depending on the turn out, we'll probably collect and then go grab some
lunch and talk over food)

1. Introductions
2. Announcement items
    a) TC Session: 1hr new MPS-standard panel discussion
        Panel leader: Bjarni Kristjansson
        Panelists from ILOG, DASH, AMPL, Maximal, and more
       COIN-OR is good venue for developing tools for the new standard.
   b) State-of-the-Union
       COIN-OR contributions in the works, including...
          1. new OsiSolverInterface to dylp (the lp solver embedded in the
          bonsai MILP code) from Lou Hafer and Stephen Tse
          2. new nonlinear solver
     3. new LancelotAPI
          4. ALPS/BiCePS/BLIS
          5. Lift-and-Project cut generator
          6. Anything you want to announce?
3. Discussion items
    a) Journal-partners:
        How do we advance COIN-OR as their repository?
    b) Funding:
       How to use COIN-OR and open source development
       as a selling point in grant proposals.
   c) COIN-OR challenge problem:
        Should we? what would it be? how would it work?
        Other ideas for engaging corporate partners/participation
  d)  Open source and intellectual property from the
       university's perspective.
      What are their points and what's the best
      counter-points? How have you managed it?


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