[coin-announce] Announcement and discussion mailing lists for COIN now available

robinlh at us.ibm.com robinlh at us.ibm.com
Thu Aug 24 12:19:47 EDT 2000

 COIN: Common Optimization INterface has mailing lists!

 Two new  majordomo mailing lists are now available, in both regular and
 digest format: coin-announce and coin-discuss.

 Anyone who signed-up at the COIN open source event at ISMP (or otherwise
 expressed an interest) has been added to the coin-announce list.
 To unsubscribe, send a note to majordom at www-124.ibm.com with
      unsubscribe coin-announce
 as the first two lines in the body of the note. Or simply send a request
 coin at us.ibm.com and we'll unsubscribe you.
 To subscribe to the digest version of the announcement list, send a note
 majordom at www-124.ibm.com with
      subscribe coin-announce-digest
 as the first two lines.

 The coin-announce list is for broadcasting informational messages to all
 list members. To participate in (or just listen in on) the discussions
 related to COIN and open source for operations research, subscribe to the
 coin-discuss mailing list.  Send a note to majordom at www-124.ibm.com
      subscribe coin-discuss
 as the first two lines. Or if you prefer to receive notes from the list in
 a digest form,
      subscribe coin-discuss-digest

 Current discussions on the coin-discuss list are:
 - what should be the scope of the COIN initiative? Should anything that is
 offered as a contribution be accepted??
 - what should be the guidelines for new software contributions?
 - what sort of unit test should be required of new contributions?
 - should we remove software that's not being used? If so, what sort of
 should we use?

 Have an opinion? We want to hear it.

 For more information on majordomo usage, send a note to
 majordom at www-124.ibm.com with the first two lines
 in the body of the text.   Soon to come: web interface for archived



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