[ADOL-C] Large size advector slows down run time?

Andrea Walther andrea.walther at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Mar 15 03:47:49 EDT 2018


> So it seems obvious to use advector.
> But only constructing such size of advector slows down runtime, 
> significantly:
>    advector vec(160000);
>    // vec is not even used anywhere.
>    // But, after constructing the variable, runtime of 
> IpoptApplication::OptimizeTNLP() that internally calls ADOL-C has become 
> significantly slower.

yes that fits to our expectation since internally the book keeping for
a new vector of size 160000 has to be done.

You might check whether this leads to the storage of the internally
generated traces of ADOL-C to disc. This would explain that you observe
a severe slow down.

> Do you have any suggestion to resolve this problem?

If the traces are not written to disc then the only possibility is to 
somehow avoid the generation of that vector if it is not really necessary.

If the traces are written to disc then an increase of the buffer sizes in


will help. Then the traces are kept in main menory and therefore the 
access  times are faster.

Hope this helps. Otherwise just send an email again.

Best regards

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