[ADOL-C] Adol-c: call to blas/lapack

Andrea Walther awalther at math.uni-paderborn.de
Wed Mar 2 08:29:06 EST 2016

Dear Minh,

we are completely aware of this problem and there had been
frequent discussions about the handling of blas/lapack
in the Ad community.

Currently, the most efficient way to handle such situations is to
use the external function functionality of ADOL-C and
provide a self-written derivative computation for these

The blas/lapack routines often allow a simple derivative
computation by hand, i.e., the provision of self-written
derivatives is quite often not that problematic.

I am not aware of any differentiated versions of the full
blas/lapack routines that could be used instead of the approach
described above.

Hope, this helps. Otherwise just email again.



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