[ADOL-C] ADOLC Speed Diff 1.8 vs 2.5.2

Brad Bell bradbell at seanet.com
Thu Dec 11 06:40:43 EST 2014

The actual location seems to be

If I do the following commands:
     wget --no-check_certificate \
     tar -xzf ADOLC18.tar.gz
     find ADOLC18 -name configure.ac
I get no reply; i.e., there is no configure.ac file in this copy of the 
source code.

Hence I do not know how to build and install ADOLC18 ?

Note that
     find ADOL-C-2.5.2 -name configure.ac
results in

On 12/10/2014 2:32 AM, Andrea Walther wrote:
> Hi,
>> What is the normal procedure for obtaining old releases of ADOLC ?
> they are contained in the source directory at Coin OR, i.e., you find 
> them at
> https://projects.coin-or.org/ADOL-C/browser#old
> Best regards
> Andrea

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