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Antoine De Blois antoine.deblois at aero.bombardier.com
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Hi Everyone,

I would like to know which of the 2 following options is computationally better. My current version of the code involves surface areas as independent variables. I now have to add the volumes to the independent variable, which leads to a dilemma for my implementation. In my application, surfaces and volumes are pre-computed on the entire computational domain. However, I perform automatic differentiation on a smaller stencil. The only thing to remember for you is that the surfaces and volumes are already pre-computed on the entire grid.

Since the surfaces and volumes are in fact dependent on the coordinates S=S(X,Y,Z), V=V(X,Y,Z), should I:

1.       Use the coordinates as independent variables (Xa << X; Ya << Y; Za <<Z;) and then compute the surfaces and volumes as active arrays

2.       Use the surfaces and volumes as independent variables (Sa <<S; Va <<V;), yielding more independent variables, but less computation between the trace_on and trace_off.

I already asked what was the biggest contributing factor for efficient process was the amount of computation between the trace_on and trace_off, and not the amount of indendent variables. This would lead to option 2, right, especially that the volumes calculation involves tests at the boundaries.

Thank you for your time,

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