[ADOL-C] sparse jacobian: inf's and nan's in non-zeros values array

Antoine De Blois antoine.deblois at aero.bombardier.com
Fri Mar 22 10:21:25 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

I created a ticket on the trac system, but I don't know which is the preferred way (trac or mailing list) please advise. Here is my problem:

I am trying to solve the jacobian of a residual function in my structured  CFD solver. In my application, I have 5 dependent variables and roughly

1700 independent variables. The number of non-zero values in the jacobian  matrix is roughly 200, hence the usage of the sparse_jac driver.

The jacobian driver works perfectly fine, but I obtain inf's and nan's in  the non-zeros values array. Note that the row and column index arrays are  fine when compared to the entire matrix output of the jacobian driver. I  tried changing the option array without success.

I was using version 2.3.0 and recently upgraded to 4.3.1 with the same  behavior. I am using colpack version 1.0.9.

Can you please help me with my problem?

Thank you for your time,

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