[ADOL-C] ADOL-C release version 2.4.0

Kshitij Kulshreshtha kshitij at math.upb.de
Wed Jan 30 06:11:05 EST 2013

Hello everyone,

Almost a year after the last release, here is ADOL-C 2.4.0. Checkout the
homepage and update. A special thanks to Jean Utke for his help.

New features include:
- a new class advector allowing various branching operations without the
need for retracing. Some of these include computed indices, table
lookups, piecewise functions, permutations of variables etc. This also
introduces an internal class adubref, representing active temporary
references to the elements of an advector.
- a new faster algorithm for detecting hessian sparsity patterns in
nonl_ind_forward_. The old algorithm can still be used by calling
- a completely revamped interface for externally differentiated
functions. These allow you to specify parts of the differentiable
function and its derivatives with custom code.
- an enhancement in the internal memory manager to allow for contiguous
location numbers. Also a new function ensureContiguousLocations(size_t)
that one should call before allocating adoubles that need to have
contiguous locations. This is the case e.g. during checkpointing and
externally differentiated functions, as well as indexing operations on
- some improvements in configurability by adding new flags to ./configure
- new functionality "advanced branching" (disabled by default) that
helps reduce retracing in code with branching operations by disabling
passive comparison operations. If-then-else structures need to be
rewritten differently using condassigns or selections on advectors. This
is especially useful for people who are writing new code and are worried
about branching and retracing.
- restructured source tree to separate user-interface headers from
sources and internal headers.
- many more small bugfixes


Dr. Kshitij Kulshreshtha

Institut für Mathematik,
Universität Paderborn,
Warburger Straße 100,
33098 Paderborn.

Büro: A3.235

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