[ADOL-C] extra arguments

Kshitij Kulshreshtha kshitij at math.upb.de
Fri Mar 2 01:51:17 EST 2012

Hello Alfonso,

As on 2012-03-01 13:15, Alfonso Callejo did write:
> Hi Kshitij,
> Thanks for your reply. I'll have to retape then. Speaking of which,
> what's the best way of doing that? I guess I'll have to re-run the code
> from trace_on to trace_off, right?

Yes that is right. You should rerun this code with the new extra_arguments.

> On another subject: I know function x.value() extracts the real
> component of an active variable x; is there an analogous function to
> extract the derivatives of that active variable with respect to the inputs?
> Thanks.

In the traced version of ADOL-C there is no such functionality. You need
to call the drivers like forward, reverse, jacobian, hessian etc.

You may also try out the traceless version. There you can get the
directional derivatives from the active variables too. Look at the
documentation and adouble.h file (namespace adtl).

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