[ADOL-C] Memory problem

Kshitij Kulshreshtha kshitij at math.upb.de
Fri Apr 8 06:57:00 EDT 2011

Hello Martin,

As on 2011-04-05 21:41, Martin Friedmann did write:
> Hello Kshitij,
> thanks again for your reply!
> I will definitely try out newer versions of gcc, but as far as I know,
> these won't integrate well with XCode (Apple has never delivered
> anything newer than gcc 4.2.1 and in the new XCode 4 they have dropped
> gcc altogether). As I would like it if my project works with XCode
> (among other tools) out of the box, I'd be very happy if it were
> possible to include the below #if.... in one of the next releases.
> If you can send me some hint for where to look, I can try to figure out
> the problem with fmin / fmax -- at least I have XCode over here.

I asked a colleague who had a Mac with Xcode on it to test build ADOL-C
and have put in a few #ifdef checks in, that make it build without
problems on my colleague's machine.

Please update your svn checkout and test again.


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