[ADOL-C] latest adolc trunk and windows dlls

Kshitij Kulshreshtha kshitij at math.uni-paderborn.de
Wed Jun 30 05:15:15 EDT 2010

Hello everyone,

aftetr the comments I received on the windows version we have previously
published, I have polished the Visual Studio 2010 project files a bit
and included the Microsoft redistributable VC++ 2010 runtime in the
binary archives. All the archives, latest source and precompiled
binaries are available at:

The Visual Studio project files have also been checked in to the ADOL-C
SVN at coin-or.org for those who use SVN (rev 106). This revision also
contains a number of other fixes and cleanups since the last release
version including:
- Separation of sparsity patterns from sparse derivatives:
  sparsity patterns may be computed without linking to ColPack by the
  ./configure switch --enable-sparse. For evaluating sparse Jacobians
  and Hessians one would still need to link with ColPack with the switch
- The header files are again in their original namespace, i.e., one can
  write once again:
  #include <adolc/adouble.h> or #include <adolc/adolc.h>
  This does not work for released versions upto 2.1.5.
- The autotooled build system has been cleaned up and made less verbose,
  in order to see compilation errors and warnings more clearly. To
  enable building like before use 'make V=1' instead of 'make'
- All the examples may be built later even if they are not enabled
  during ./configure by using the command 'make examplename' in their
  respective subdirectory.
- The documentation in ADOL-C/doc subdirectory has been updated to
  reflect all these changes.
- some more miscellaneous fixes.

Please test the windows precompiled libraries as well as the new source
code in unix like environments.

Looking forward to comments and suggestions.
Kshitij Kulshreshtha

Institut für Mathematik,
Universität Paderborn,
Warburger Straße 100,
33098 Paderborn.

Büro: A3.319

Arnikaweg 62
33100 Paderborn.

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