[ADOL-C] problems compiling and linking

borja artamendi borjartamendi at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 20 13:16:23 EDT 2010


I have seen that examples of adol-c works, but I am trying to see how to
compile the same example but into myfolder. I just copy and paste
speelpenning example in to another folder. I try to compile and link with :

cd myfolder
 g++ speelpenning.cpp -o speelpenning

Some errors are produced:

error: adouble.h : file does not exist
error: drivers/drivers.h: file does not exist
speelpenning.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:
speelpenning.cpp:33: error: ‘STAT_SIZE’ was not declared in this scope
speelpenning.cpp:41: error: ‘adouble’ was not declared in this scope

How do I compile and link? Is anything wrong?



2010/4/20 borja artamendi <borjartamendi at googlemail.com>

> HI,
> I did all the command instead of make test, now after searching in to the
> folders, i see that in folder /test are those test examples with their .o
> file. I execute them and all works :)
> Thanks,
> Borja
> 2010/4/20 Andrea Walther <andrea.walther at uni-paderborn.de>
> Hi Borja,
>> >
>> > I execute : ./configure  --with-docexa --with-addexa  , and then make to
>> > compile, from subdirectory examples and it gives me some errors:
>> if you unpack the ADOL-C package you should obtain a directory
>> ADOL-C-2.1.5
>> then you should go in this directory and execute the command
>> ./configure --with-docexa --with-addexa
>> then in the same directory you have to execute the commands
>> make
>> make test   (checking whether everything works)
>> make install
>> these commands are not executed in the examples directory but in the
>> main ADOL-C directory.
>> Hope this helps, otherwise just email again.
>> Best,
>> Andrea
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