[ADOL-C] jacobian return values

Alfonso Callejo alcallejo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 07:58:49 EDT 2009

Hello everybody,


I am beginning to use ADOL-C in a computational mechanics problem which
includes several conditional assignments in the function evaluation and I
have two questions regarding jacobian return values and retaping:

- I suppose (because section 1.8 of ADOL-C Users Guide doesn't say much
about it) that the optimum return value for the jacobian evaluation is +3.
However, which consequences can other return values have? As far as I know,
when the return value is negative the tape must be regenerated, but what
happens with +2 return values? I have lots of them in my program and they
don't seem to bother the result.

- Then, do you have any experience regarding the possible increase of
calculation time when a frequent retaping is needed?


Thank you very much,


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