[ADOL-C] Getting asinh() etc from std::tr1

Rory Yorke rory.yorke at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 16:04:09 EDT 2009


g++ provides asinh(), acosh(), atanh() and erf() via

  #include <tr1/cmath>

  using namespace std::tr1;

(I'm using gcc 4.3.3 on Ubuntu 9.04, if it matters.)

I'm trying to update ADOL-C to support this.  I found an autoconf
macro to test for these headers at the autoconf-archive [1]; I've
produced a patch around this (attached).

However, I'm having a problem in that I can't see how to change
ATRIG_ERF (in usrparms.h) automatically during the configuration
process, or achieve a similar effect.  config.h is only included when
ADOLC_INTERNAL is defined.  Any suggestions?

Note: I didn't include the changes to configure in this patch, since
most of the nearly 400k of deltas (eek!) seem to be due to my version
of autoconf being different.

[1] http://www.nongnu.org/autoconf-archive/ac_cxx_header_stdcxx_tr1.html



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